Thursday, August 2, 2007

DJ Abu Yousef

A bit more on DJ Abu Yousef's "Abu Yousef" that I've managed to dig up--see post below.

This song was a hit in Jordan in the early '90s--and the usual English spelling seems to be Abu Yousef and not "Abu Yusuf" as I've written it below. The photo is of Abu Yousef and Jordanian singer Rania Kurdi, who recorded a duet, "Zgurt"--not sure when that was released, which you can download here. (It's mistakenly identified as "Rakeb Hal Suburban").

And here are some of the lyrics of "Abu Yousef":

'Amman Irbid Baqa' Sawaylih [these are all Jordanian cities]
Everybody talk about Abu Yousef...

Mashi fi al-shari'
Shuft hilwa btirkud
Ruht irkud ma'ha
Qultilha yalla nuq'ud
'Aalitli ka'ka bi 'ajawi
Qultilha ma'aki?
'Aalitli la, qultilha laysh?
'Aalitli mish zaki

Walking in the street
I saw a pretty girl jogging
I went and jogged with her
I told her let's sit
She said a cake with dates
I told her do you have?
She said no, I said why?
She said, it's not tasty

If you know Arabic (mine isn't 100% by any means), it's hilarious. Download it here.


bintalbalad said...

hi ted, i'm hearing echoes of the "macarena" in this one (particularly the woman singer's giggle)... and also of an egyptian advertisement for venetian blinds, the company was "al-qabnuri lil-aluminiyum," which would enable you to "tirakkib shish, shish, shish..." that ad was popular in the early 90s. just my $0.02!

omar said...

the lyrics are of another song, not this one.

Ted Swedenburg said...

Sorry, Omernos, the lyrics are to "Abu Youssef," referred to in an earlier post. I'll correct this...Thanks.

Anonymous said...

HAHA Abu Yousef is the man

Mafak said...

Nice , the part where you comment [not clear] is ma3aki (means do you have ?) but he says it : ma [pause] 3aki ?

thank you for the lyrics :)

Ted Swedenburg said...

Thanks, Mafak, I changed the lyrics based on your comments.

Anonymous said...

The download link to abu yousef isnt working please provide a new one. THanks